• (British) IPA: /əˈkɜː/
  • (America) IPA: /əˈkɝ/

occur (occurs, present participle occurring; past and past participle occurred)

  1. (intransitive) To happen or take place.
    The liftoff will occur in exactly twelve seconds.
  2. (intransitive) To present or offer itself.
    I will write if the opportunity occurs.
  3. (impersonal) To come or be presented to the mind; to suggest itself.
    • 1995, Theodore Kaczynski, Industrial Society and Its Future
      Apparently it never occurs to them that you can't make rapid, drastic changes in the technology and the economy of a society without causing rapid changes in all other aspects of the society as well, […]
  4. (intransitive, sciences) To be present or found.
    The chemical monofluoroacetate occurs in all parts of Dichapetalum cymosum, and is responsible for its toxic effects.
Synonyms Related terms Translations Translations Translations
  • French: venir à l'idée
  • German: einfallen, in den Sinn kommen
  • Italian: sovvenire, venire in mente
  • Portuguese: ocorrer
  • Russian: приходи́ть в голову
  • Spanish: ocurrir, (Chile) tincar

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