old man

old man

  1. An elderly man.
  2. (slang) One's father.
    "He smacked me around some. Didn't everybody's old man?"
  3. (slang) A husband, or significant other.
  4. (slang) One's male employer.
    Synonyms: boss, governor
  5. (slang, military) A unit's commanding officer, or the commander of a naval vessel.
  6. (UK, dated) Term of address for a male friend.
    • 1934, P. G. Wodehouse, Right Ho, Jeeves
      “Don't mention it, old man,” I responded courteously.
    • 1958, H. E. Bates, The Darling Buds of May
      'Coming up, coming up, coming up,' Pop said. 'There you are, Charley, old man. Larkin Special. Don't ask what's in it. Don't stare at it. Don't think. Just drink it down. In ten minutes you'll feel perfick again.'
  7. (herbs) Synonym of southernwood#English|southernwood
  8. Unregenerate human nature.
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  • Russian: муженёк

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