• (GA) IPA: /oʊldˈfæʃənd/
  • (RP) IPA: /əʊldˈfæʃənd/


  1. Of a thing, outdated or no longer in vogue.
    My bike is old-fashioned but it gets me around.
  2. Of a person, preferring the customs of earlier times.
    You can’t stay the night, because my parents are a bit old-fashioned.
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old-fashioned (plural old-fashioneds)

  1. A cocktail made by muddling sugar with bitters and adding whiskey or, less commonly, brandy, served with a twist of citrus rind.
    • 1996, Paul F. Boller, Presidential Anecdotes (page 286)
      At the end of the workday, the Trumans liked to have a cocktail before dinner. Shortly after they moved into the White House, Mrs. Truman rang for the butler, Alonzo Fields, one afternoon and ordered two old-fashioneds.

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