• (British) IPA: /ˈɒm.lɪt/
  • (AU) IPA: /ˈɔm.lət/
  • (America, Canada) IPA: /ˈɑm.lət/, /ˈɑm.lɪt/, /ˈɑ.mə.lət/

omelette (plural omelettes)

  1. A dish made with beaten eggs cooked in a frying pan without stirring, flipped over to cook on both sides, and sometimes filled or topped with cheese, chives or other foodstuffs.
  2. (computing) A form of shellcode that searches the address space for multiple small blocks of data ("eggs") and recombines them into a larger block to be executed.
    • 2015, Herbert Bos, ‎Fabian Monrose, ‎Gregory Blanc, Research in Attacks, Intrusions, and Defenses: 18th International Symposium
      This approach would be altered for an optimal omelette based exploit. One would spray the heap with the omelette code solely, then load a single copy of the additional shellcode eggs into memory outside the target region for the spray.

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