oner (plural oners)

  1. (informal) An extraordinary individual.
  2. A small marble of little worth in children's games.
    • 2012, Nicholas Hagger, A View of Epping Forest (page 143)
      The winner was the last to flick a marble into the gully. A oner had to beat a fourer four times to win, a fourer had to beat a twelver three times, and so on.
  3. (UK) A conker that has won one match.
    • 1993, Henry Normal, Nude modelling for the afterlife
      May all your conkers be oners / May your love life fail with dishonours
    • 2005, Benedict Le Vay, Eccentric Britain (page 32)
      The history of 'oners' becoming 'sixers' through successive victories […]
    • 2006, Charles Campion, Fifty Recipes To Stake Your Life On (page 119)
      Conkers so highly prized that it's a wonder they even manage to hit the ground before being swept away to be pickled or baked and then going on to new careers as 'oners', 'twoers', and so forth.

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