1. (uncomparable) Of or relating to orgasms.
  2. (comparable) Prone to or capable of having orgasms.
    • 2000, Wendy Shalit, A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue, page 171 ↗:
      Seemingly every year, another study announces that married women are more orgasmic than single women.
    • 2009, Barbara Keesling, The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Girl Sex, page 41 ↗:
      They've helped non-orgasmic women become orgasmic, they've helped orgasmic women become more orgasmic, and they've helped many women experience their first multiple orgasms (we'll talk about that later!).
    • 2010, Anonymised diarist, in Bettina Arndt, What Men Want in Bed, 2012, page 266 ↗:
      The gentler the sensation or touch the more orgasmic I am.
  3. Very exciting or stimulating.
    It must be an orgasmic experience to be an astronaut and see the Earth as a little, colourful marble surrounded by blackness.
Related terms Translations
  • French: orgasmique, orgastique, jouissif
  • German: orgasmisch, orgastisch
  • Italian: orgasmico
  • Portuguese: orgástico, orgásmico
  • Russian: оргазменный
  • Spanish: orgásmico

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