• (RP) IPA: /ˈaʊtkɑːst/ (noun, adjective); /aʊtˈkɑːst/ (verb)
  • (GA) IPA: /ˈaʊtkæst/ (noun, adjective); /aʊtˈkæst/ (verb)

outcast (outcasts, present participle outcasting; past and past participle outcast)

  1. To cast out; to banish. [from 14th c.]
    • 1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, III.1:
      All as a blazing starre doth farre outcast / His hearie beames, and flaming lockes dispredd [...].


  1. That has been cast out; banished, ostracized. [from 14th c.]
    • Outcast, rejected.

outcast (plural outcasts)

  1. One that has been excluded from a society or system, a pariah. [from 14th c.]
    Synonyms: outsider, vagrant, exile, beggar
  2. (more generally) Someone who does not belong; a misfit.
  3. (Scotland) A quarrel.
  4. The amount of increase in bulk of grain in malting.
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