• (British) IPA: /ˌaʊtˈdɔː/

outdoor (not comparable)

  1. Situated in, designed to be used in, or carried on in the open air. [from 18th c.]
    Synonyms: out-of-door, outside
    Antonyms: indoor, inside
  2. Pertaining to charity administered or received away from, or independently from, a workhouse or other institution. [from 19th c.]
    • 1997, Roy Porter, The Greatest Benefit to Mankind, Folio Society 2016, p. 395:
      Believing social policy should be directed by experts to bring about the greatest happiness of the greatest number, Benthamites judged the old Poor Law outdoor relief system a recipe for waste and idleness.
Related terms Translations
  • French: de plein air, d'extérieur
  • German: Außen-, außerhalb des Hauses, im Freien
  • Portuguese: ao ar livre
  • Russian: нару́жный

outdoor (outdoors, present participle outdooring; past and past participle outdoored)

  1. (in some African communities) To publicly display a child after it has been named

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