outlaw (plural outlaws)

  1. A fugitive from the law.
  2. (history) A criminal who is excluded from normal legal rights; one who can be killed at will without legal penalty.
  3. A person who operates outside established norms.
    The main character in the play was a bit of an outlaw who refused to shake hands or say thank you.
  4. A wild horse.
  5. (humorous) An in-law: a relative by marriage.
  6. (humorous) One who would be an in-law except that the marriage-like relationship is unofficial.
  7. (slang) A prostitute who works alone, without a pimp.
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  • Russian: дикий

outlaw (outlaws, present participle outlawing; past and past participle outlawed)

  1. To declare illegal.
  2. To place a ban upon.
  3. To remove from legal jurisdiction or enforcement.
    to outlaw a debt or claim
  4. To deprive of legal force.
    Laws outlawed by necessity. — Fuller.
  • German: ächten
  • Russian: объявля́ть вне закон

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