• (adverb) enPR: out-rītʹ, IPA: /aʊtˈɹaɪt/
  • (adjective, verb) enPR: outʹrīt, IPA: /ˈaʊtɹaɪt/

outright (not comparable)

  1. Wholly, completely and entirely.
    I refute those allegations outright.
  2. Openly and without reservation.
    I have just responded outright to that question.
  3. At once.
    Two people died outright and one more later.
  4. With no outstanding conditions.
    I have bought the house outright.
  5. (informal) Blatantly; inexcusably.
    That was an outright stupid thing to say.
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  • German: ganz, als Ganzes
Translations Adjective

outright (not comparable)

  1. Unqualified and unreserved.
    I demand an outright apology.
  2. Total or complete.
    We achieved outright domination.
    Truths, half truths and outright lies.
    With little effort they found dozens of outright lies.
    He found a pattern of non-transparency and outright deception.
  3. Having no outstanding conditions.
    I made an outright purchase of the house.
    They don't seek outright independence, but rather greater autonomy.
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outright (outrights, present participle outrighting; past and past participle outrighted)

  1. (sports) To release a player outright, without conditions.

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