• (adjective) IPA: /ˌəʊvəɹˈɔːl/
  • (noun) IPA: /ˈəʊvəɹɔːl/


  1. All-encompassing, all around.
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overall (not comparable)

  1. Generally; with everything considered.
    Overall, there is not enough evidence to form a clear conclusion.
Synonyms Translations Noun

overall (plural overalls)

  1. (British) A garment worn over other clothing to protect it; a coverall or boiler suit. A garment, for manual labor or for casual wear, often made of a single piece of fabric, with long legs and a bib upper, supported from the shoulders with straps, and having several large pockets and loops for carrying tools.
  2. (in the plural, US) A garment, worn for manual labor, with an integral covering extending to the chest, supported by straps.
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