• (RP, America) enPR: păn"ə-sē'ə, IPA: /ˌpæn.əˈsiː.ə/

panacea (plural panaceas)

  1. A remedy believed to cure all disease and prolong life that was originally sought by alchemists; a cure-all.
  2. Something that will solve all problems.
    A monorail will be a panacea for our traffic woes.
  3. (obsolete) The plant allheal (Valeriana officinalis), believed to cure all ills.
    • 1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, III.v:
      There, whether it diuine Tobacco were, / Or Panachæa, or Polygony, / She found, and brought it to her patient deare […]
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  • (RP, America) enPR: păn"ə-sē'ə, IPA: /ˌpæn.əˈsiː.ə/
Proper noun
  1. (Greek god) The goddess/personification of healing, remedies, cures and panaceas (medicines, salves, ointments and other curatives). She is a daughter of Asclepius and Epione.

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