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  • IPA: /ˈpænˌhændəl/

panhandle (plural panhandles)

  1. The handle of a pan.
  2. (cartography, US) On a map, any arm or projection suggestive of the handle of a pan.
    The three counties that form the Oklahoma panhandle were originally part of the Cimarron Strip.
    The very wide Texas panhandle butts up, at its north, against the Oklahoma panhandle.
    The Florida panhandle is the area west, along the Gulf coast, of the Florida Peninsula.
    Part of Fairfield County, Connecticut constitutes a panhandle, extending into Bronx County, New York.
  3. (aviation) The handle that activates an ejector seat.
    • 2007, Roger Brooks, Handley Page Victor (volume 2)
      The Captain Keith Handscomb was the occupant of that ejector seat and the only survivor; his narrow escape was by just being able to reach the seat panhandle with his third and fourth fingers of his left hand.
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  • German: Zipfel, Gebietskorridor, Landkorridor, schmaler Landabschnitt, Landzipfel
  • Russian: вы́ступ

panhandle (panhandles, present participle panhandling; past and past participle panhandled)

  1. (US) To beg for money, especially with a container in hand for receiving loose change, especially on the street, and particularly, as a bum.
Proper noun
  1. A city/county seat in Carson County, Texas.

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