• (British, America) enPR: pāst'i, IPA: /ˈpeɪsti/

pasty (comparative pastier, superlative pastiest)

  1. Like paste, sticky.
    These mashed potatoes aren’t cooked well; they are very pasty.
  2. pale, lacking colour, having a pallor
    He is pasty-faced.
    (figuratively) He was feeling pasty.
    Are you feeling OK? You look a bit pasty.
  3. (slang, offensive, derogatory, ethnic slur) white-skinned
    • 2008, John Lacombe, Winter Games (page 184)
      He smoothed his tailored suit and red tie. "Boy, does it look like I ain't rich now? My pockets are already full of paper! Why the fuck would I want to risk doing business with some pasty cracker? For all I know, you a cop!"
    • 2010, James W. Lewis, Sellout (page 107)
      “So, snow bunny, what should black women do? How do we...oh, how do I say this... cure our brothas of this widespread, pasty disease?” I didn't reply. Again, I tried to step away. Again, she grabbed my arm.
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pasty (plural pasties)

  1. (chiefly in the plural) A small item of clothing that conceals little more than the nipple of a woman's breast, primarily worn by female exotic dancers.
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  • (British) enPR: păst'i, IPA: /ˈpæsti/
  • (Aus) enPR: päst'i, IPA: /ˈpɑːsti/

pasty (plural pasties)

  1. A type of seasoned meat and vegetable hand pie, usually of a semicircular shape.
  • Russian: пирожо́к
  • Spanish: empanada

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