Pronunciation Noun

patty (plural patties)

  1. (US, Australia, New Zealand) A flattened portion of ground meat or a vegetarian equivalent, usually round but sometimes square in shape.
    The cook fried the hamburger patty, then put it in a sandwich.
  2. (Jamaica) A pastry with various fillings and spices baked inside a flaky shell, often tinted golden yellow with an egg yolk mixture or turmeric.
Pronunciation Proper noun
  1. A female given name, a diminutive of the female given name Patricia.
    • 1904 Carolyn Wells, Patty at Home, BiblioBazaar,LLC, 2007, ISBN 1434621162, page 36:
      "That sounds like Aunt Isabel. They always call me Patricia there. Don't you think, papa, now that I'm getting so grown up, I ought to be called Patricia? Patty is such a baby name."
      "Patty is good enough for me," said Mr. Fairfield.

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