• IPA: /ˈpɛdəl/

peddle (peddles, present participle peddling; past and past participle peddled)

  1. To sell things, especially door to door or in insignificant quantities.
  2. To sell illegal narcotics.
  3. (derogatory, figuratively) To spread or cause to spread.
    • 2009, Michael John Beashel, Unshackled (page 166)
      Christine walked a dangerous line, peddling gossip about her detested son-in-law.
    • 2012, Niamh O'Connor, Taken (page 166)
      Roberts was a drug dealer, nicknamed 'King Krud', who peddled death and misery.
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  • French: colporter
  • Portuguese: mascatear
  • Russian: коммивояжёрствовать
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