• IPA: /ˈpɛlɪt/

pellet (plural pellets)

  1. A small, compressed, hard chunk of matter.
    a pellet of wood, paper, or ore
  2. A lead projectile used as ammunition in rifled air guns.
  3. Compressed byproduct of digestion regurgitated by owls. Serves as a waste disposal mechanism for indigestible parts of food, such as fur and bones.
  4. (heraldiccharge) A roundel sable (black circular spot; also called ogress).
  5. One of the short conductive tubes in a Pelletron particle accelerator.
Translations Translations
  • French: plomb
  • Portuguese: pelota de chumbo, chumbinho
Translations Verb

pellet (pellets, present participle pelleting; past and past participle pelleted)

  1. To form into pellets.
    Synonyms: pelletize
  2. To strike with pellets.

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