• (RP) enPR: pĕ'ripyo͝obĕʹsənt, IPA: /ˌpɛɹipjʊˈbɛsənt/

peripubescent (not comparable)

  1. Of the first onset of puberty; in the early stages of puberty; that is or are becoming pubescent.
    • 1920: Paul Godin [aut.] and Samuel L. Eby [tr.], Growth During School Age: Its Application to Education, page 36 ↗ (R. G. Badger)
      But it is acknowledged that the term, adolescence, is applicable to the last phase of childhood, to the peripubescent phase, and that it denotes especially the last relatively insignificant thrust of the lengthening of the body by the lower limbs.
    • 1982: Ethology and Sociobiology, volumes 3–4, page 63 ↗ (Elsevier North-Holland, Inc.)
      However, it appears that the age-specific rates of child abuse form a peculiar, trimodal distribution with peaks for infants, two-year olds, and peripubescent children (cf. Lenington, 1981, Figs. 1–3).
    • 2007: Zachary Child, Basic Orthopedic Exams, page 190 ↗ ([ Wolters Kluwer Health]; ISBN 0781763339, 9780781763332)
      The Klein’s line is a radiologic examination for pain in external rotation and flexion, usually in obese peripubescent children (median age, 12 years).
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  • Spanish: peripúber

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