• IPA: /pɪnˈjɑːtə/

pinata (plural pinatas)

  1. (Latin American culture) A doll or other decorated container that is filled with candy and hit with a hammer or a stick by blindfolded children during birthday parties or other celebrations until the candy falls out.
  • French: piñata
  • German: Piñata, Pinata
  • Italian: pentolaccia, pignatta
  • Portuguese: pinhata
  • Russian: пинья́та
  • Spanish: piñata

pinata (pinatas, present participle pinataing; past and past participle pinataed)

  1. To hit something or someone with sticks after having filled them with candy.
    • 2015 (November 20) "Zombie Broheims", episode 14 of Pig Goat Banana Cricket
      Cricket: "Don't pinata me!"

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