pimp out

pimp out

  1. (slang, US, transitive) To prostitute, take advantage of, exploit, use, to hire out or provide to others like a whore.
    • 2000, Ice-T, quoted in Josh Kun, “Quickfix: Pimps in Space”, CMJ New Music Monthly, ISSN 1074-6978, Number 84 (August 2000), page 12 ↗:
      You can't pimp out a ho on no earth level.
    • 2005, Spin Magazine
      Spouting some of the most hilarious "urban" dialogue Quentin Tarantino ever wrote, Spivey (Gary Oldman) throws raging parties and pimps out feisty ho Alabama
    • 2005 Jocelyn M. Pollock, Prisons: today and tomorrow
      To be turned out, prostituted, pimped out, or turned into an inmate whore.
    • 2010, John De Vito, Frank Tropea, Epic television miniseries: a critical history, page 108
      The young prostitute he pimped out.
    My mom pimped me out, for my fundraising skills, to the United Way for a fundraiser.
    Scott likes pimping out his bottom boyfriend to his friends.
    I hate men that live off the earnings of the prostitutes that they pimp out.
  2. (slang, US, transitive) To make improvements to, to beautify.
    • 2006, Games Access Unwired
      There's also a special meter that lies underneath the health bar which increases as the fight ensues, and fills more rapidly if your fighter is pimped out with the latest kicks, bling and hairdos.
    • 2008, David Meerman Scott
      Need to Know to Get Started Pimp Out Your Blog Building an Audience for Your New Blog Tag, and Your Buyer Is It Blogging Outside of North America What Are You
    Xzibit sure knows how to pimp out cars leaving them very well upgraded and refurbished!

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