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pint (plural pints)

  1. A unit of volume, equivalent to:
    1. one eighth of a gallon, specifically:
      1. (United Kingdom, Commonwealth) 20 fluid ounces, approximately 568 millilitres (an imperial pint)
      2. (United States): one half quart
        1. 16 US fluid ounces [473 millilitres] for liquids (a US liquid pint) or
        2. approximately 18.62 fluid ounces [551 millilitres] for dry goods (a US dry pint).
    2. (Hungary) 1.696 liters
    3. (medicine) 12 fluid ounces
  2. (British, metonym) A pint of milk.
    Please leave three pints tomorrow, milkman.
  3. (metonymy, UK) A glass of beer or cider, served by the pint.
    • 1998, Kirk Jones, Waking Ned, Tomboy films
      Finn: You must have a terrible thirst on you tonight. I've never seen a man drink two pints at the same time.
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  • French: chopine de lait
  • Italian: pinta di latte

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