• IPA: /ˈpaɪpɪŋ/
  1. present participle of pipe#English|pipe


  1. The process of an animal just beginning to break out of its egg; precedes hatching.
  2. The sound of musical pipes.
  3. An act of making music or noise with pipes.
  4. A system of pipes that compose a structure; pipework.
    the piping of a house
  5. (sewing) An ornamentation on the edges of a garment; a small cord covered with cloth.
  6. (cooking) Icing extruded from a piping bag.
  7. (botany) A piece cut off to be set or planted; a cutting.
  8. (botany) propagation by cuttings

piping (not comparable)

  1. High-pitched.
    His piping voice could be heard above the hubbub.

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