• (RP) IPA: /plɑːk/, /plæk/
  • (Northern England, Scotland) IPA: /plak/
  • (GA) IPA: /plæk/, [pʰl̥æk]
  • (Aus) IPA: /plaːk/


  1. (countable) Any flat#Adjective|flat, thin piece of clay, ivory, metal, etc., used for ornament#Noun|ornament, or for paint#Verb|painting picture#Noun|pictures upon, as a dish#Noun|dish, plate#Noun|plate, slab, etc., hung upon a wall; also, a smaller decoration wear#Verb|worn by a person, such as a brooch.
  2. (countable) A piece of flat metal with writing#Noun|writing on it, attached to a building#Noun|building, monument, or other structure#Noun|structure to remind people of a person or an event.
  3. (countable) A small card representing an amount of money, used for betting in casinos; a sort of gaming chip.
  4. (countable, biology) A clearing#Noun|clearing in a bacterial lawn caused by a virus.
  5. (countable, musical instruments) In the Hornbostel–Sachs classification system: any flat, thin musical instrument.
    blown plaques  concussion plaques
  6. (countable, pathology) A broad#Adjective|broad patch#Noun|patch of abnormal tissue distinguishable from surrounding#Adjective|surrounding tissue, especially a broad papule on the skin#Noun|skin.
  7. (countable, uncountable, pathology) An abnormal accumulation of material#Noun|material in or on an organ of the body, often associate#Verb|associated with disease.
    amyloid plaque  pleural plaque  senile plaque
    1. (countable, uncountable, pathology) An accumulation in artery walls made up of macrophage cells and debris containing lipids, (cholesterol and fatty acids), calcium, and connective tissue; an atheroma.
    2. (uncountable, dentistry) An accumulation of biofilm, or bacteria, on teeth.
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  • French: plaque
  • Italian: targa
  • Russian: мемориа́льная доска́
  • Spanish: placa conmemorativa
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