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  1. (physics) A state of matter consisting of partially ionized gas and electrons
  2. (hematology) A clear component of blood or lymph containing fibrin
  3. (hematology) Blood plasma, free of suspended cells, used in transfusions
  4. (mineralogy) A variety of green quartz, used in ancient times for making engraved ornaments.
  5. (medicine, dated) A mixture of starch and glycerin, used as a substitute for ointments.
  6. (computer graphics, demoscene) A visual effect in which cycles of changing colours are warped in various ways to give the illusion of liquid organic movement.
    • 1999, "Rage Matrix", Coding plasma demos....HELP! (on newsgroup comp.programming)
      Has anyone here written a plasma demo in C/C++ who would be willing to explain to me exactly how it works?
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