• enPR: plăt'ĭnəm, IPA: /ˈplæt.ɪn.əm/; enPR: plăt'nəm, IPA: /ˈplæt.nəm/


  1. The chemical element with atomic number 78 and symbol Pt; a dense, malleable, ductile, highly unreactive, silverish-white transition metal of great value.
  2. A whitish grey colour, like that of the metal.
  3. (music) A single or album that has achieved platinum sales, i.e. over 1 million or 2 million.
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  1. Of a whitish grey colour, like that of the metal.
  2. Of a musical recording that has sold over one million copies (for singles), or two million (for albums).
Translations Verb

platinum (platinums, present participle platinuming; past and past participle platinumed)

  1. (computer games) to reach platinum level in a game
    I platinumed in Clash of Clans yesterday.

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