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pleat (plural pleats)

  1. (sewing) A fold in the fabric of a garment, usually a skirt, as a part of the design of the garment, with the purpose of adding controlled fullness and freedom of movement, or taking up excess fabric. There are many types of pleats, differing in their construction and appearance.
  2. (botany) A fold in an organ, usually a longitudinal fold in a long leaf such as that of palmetto, lending it stiffness.
  3. A plait.
  • French: pli
  • German: Falte
  • Italian: piega, pieghettatura, plissettatura
  • Portuguese: plissado, prega
  • Russian: скла́дка
  • Spanish: plisado

pleat (pleats, present participle pleating; past and past participle pleated)

  1. (transitive) To form one or more pleat#Noun|pleats in a piece of fabric or a garment.
  2. To plait.
  • French: plisser
  • German: plissieren, in Falten legen, fälteln
  • Italian: pieghettare, plissettare
  • Russian: плисси́ровать
  • Spanish: plisar, tablear (wider folds), alechugar

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