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  1. (historical) The plebeian class of ancient Rome.
    • 1594, William Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus, act IV, scene iv, line 92:
      Why I am going with my pidgeons to the tribunall Plebs.
  2. The common people, especially (pejorative) the mob.
    • a. 1657, George Daniel, "The Author" in Poems, Vol. II ↗, p. 131 ↗:
      For 'tis an Easier Thing
      To make Trees Leape, and Stones selfe-burthens bring
      (As once Amphion to the walls of Thæbes,)
      Then Stop the giddie Clamouring of Plebs...
    • 1993, Max Cavalera, "Refuse/Resist", Sepultura, Chaos A.D.
      Chaos A.D. / Tanks On The Streets / Confronting Police / Bleeding The Plebs
  3. plural form of pleb in its various senses.
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