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plump (comparative plumper, superlative plumpest)

  1. Having a full and rounded shape; chubby, somewhat overweight.
    a plump baby; plump cheeks
    • The god of wine did his plump clusters bring.
    • 2015, Anton Chekhov, The Life and Genius of Anton Chekhov: Letters, Diary, Reminiscences and Biography: Assorted Collection of Autobiographical Writings of the Renowned Russian Author and Playwright of Uncle Vanya, The Cherry Orchard, The Three Sisters and The Seagull, e-artnow (ISBN 9788026838401)
      My ideal is to be idle and to love a plump girl.
  2. Fat.
  3. Sudden and without reservation; blunt; direct; downright.
    • After the plump statement that the author was at Erceldoune and spake with Thomas.
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plump (plumps, present participle plumping; past and past participle plumped)

  1. (intransitive) To grow plump; to swell out.
    Her cheeks have plumped.
  2. (transitive) To make plump; to fill (out) or support; often with up.
    to plump oysters or scallops by placing them in fresh or brackish water
    • to plump up the hollowness of their history with improbable miracles
  3. (transitive) To cast or let drop all at once, suddenly and heavily.
    to plump a stone into water
    • 1859, Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities
      Although Miss Pross, through her long association with a French family, might have known as much of their language as of her own, if she had had a mind, she had no mind in that direction […] So her manner of marketing was to plump a noun-substantive at the head of a shopkeeper without any introduction in the nature of an article […]
  4. (intransitive) To give a plumper (kind of vote).
  5. (transitive) To give (a vote), as a plumper.
  6. indtr en To favor or decide in favor of something.

plump (plumps, present participle plumping; past and past participle plumped)

  1. (intransitive) To drop or fall suddenly or heavily, all at once.
    • Dulcissa plumps into a chair.


  1. Directly; suddenly; perpendicularly.

plump (plural plumps)

  1. The sound of a sudden heavy fall.

plump (plural plumps)

  1. (obsolete) A knot or cluster; a group; a crowd.
    a plump of trees, fowls, or spears
    • ''To visit islands and the plumps of men.

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