• IPA: /pluːˈpɜː(ɹ)fɛkt/

pluperfect (not comparable)

  1. More than perfect.
  2. (grammar) Pertaining to action completed before or at the same time as another.
  3. (math) Relating to a certain type of graph, complying with the theorem (pluperfect graph theorem) discovered by D. R. Fulkerson in 1970.
  4. (math) Synonym of multiperfect#English|multiperfect
  5. (informal) Used as an intensifier in various interjections.
    What in the pluperfect hell is going on here?!
Related terms Noun

pluperfect (plural pluperfects)

  1. The pluperfect tense.
  2. A verb in this tense.
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