Pronunciation Noun

ponce (plural ponces)

  1. (UK, pejorative slang) A man living off another's earnings, especially a woman's.
    1. Synonym of kept man#English|kept man. [1859]
    2. Synonym of pimp#English|pimp, especially one hired by a prostitute as a tout, bodyguard, and driver. [1872]
  2. (British, Australian, Irish, pejorative slang) Synonym of poof#English|poof: an effeminate male homosexual; any similarly effeminate man. [1932]
Synonyms Verb

ponce (ponces, present participle poncing; past ponced, past participle ponced)

  1. (British, slang) To act as a pimp.
  2. (British, slang) Hence, to try to get rid of or proactively sell something.
  3. (British, pejorative) To behave in a posh or effeminate manner.
  4. (British, slang) To borrow (something) from somebody without returning it.
Proper noun
  1. a city and municipality in the south of Puerto Rico.

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