• (British) IPA: /ˈpɒn.tʃəʊ/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈpɑn.tʃoʊ/

poncho (plural ponchos)

  1. A simple garment, made from a rectangle of cloth, with a slit in the middle for the head.
    • 1975, Margery Turner Fisher, Who's Who in Children's Books, page 203
      Garibaldi, with his cowboy's poncho, red shirt and the black ostrich feathers in his wide hat […]
    • 2011, Bruce N. Anderson, Wingtips Under a Bolivian Poncho, page 130
      It was a gringo in a poncho. It was not really accurate to his suits worn today, but Julia would understand the symbolism that he was adapting to the culture and expectations while far away from home.
  2. A similar waterproof garment, today typically of rubber with a hood.
    • 1845, William Jameson, “Botanical Excursion to Salinas, an Indian Village on Chimborazo”, The London Journal of Botany, Volume 4, p. 382 ↗:
      […] spreading over my bedding an indian-rubber poncho to exclude the rain.
    • 1850, Romance of Modern Travel, p. 43 ↗:
      I […] took my seat between Juan and Ambrosio, protected from the rain by an India-rubber poncho.
    • 1857, Solomon Nunes Carvalho, Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West, p. 48 ↗ (1857), p. 48 ↗ (1858):
    • I found it necessary while doing guard to cover myself with my India-rubber poncho, to prevent my clothes from becoming saturated with water.
    • 1859, Randolph Barnes Marcy, The Prairie Traveler, p. 39 ↗:
      The following list of articles is deemed a sufficient outfit for one man upon a three months’ expedition, viz.: […] 1 gutta percha poncho
    • 1858, “Robbery in a Railway Carriage” (1858 March 29), Edmund Burke ed., Annual Register (collected 1859), March p. 59 ↗:
      […] when near the old church in Manchester he was run against by a man whom he supposed to be a drunken man, who was dressed in a poncho overcoat.
    • 1888, William Eleroy Curtis, The capitals of Spanish America, p. 505 ↗:
      It is about the size of the rubber poncho used in the United States, […]
    • 2001, Michael Rutter, Camping Made Easy, 2nd ed., page 98
      If you have to hike all day in a poncho, your pants will be wet thigh-high before long (never mind how fast you'll get wet if you have to go through wet brush or grass).
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  • Italian: poncio
  • German: Regenponcho
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