• (British) IPA: /phuː/, /puː/
  • (America) IPA: /pu/
  1. Expressing dismissal, contempt, impatience, etc.
    • 1600, Ben Jonson, Every Man out of His Humor, iii, i, sig. iii:
      I am carelesse what the fustie World speakes of me, puh.
    • 1694, William Congreve, Double-Dealer, I, i, 2:
      Pooh, ha, ha, ha, I know you envy me.
  2. Expressing disgust at an unpleasant smell.
  3. (euphemistic) Alternative form of poo#English|poo: a minced oath for 'shit'.
    • 1992 July 22, Time, page 55:
      Mom offers everybody fudge and says ‘Oh, pooh!’ when she gets upset.
Synonyms Noun


  1. (countable) An instance of saying "pooh".
    • 1593, Gabriel Harvey, Pierces Supererogation: Or A New Prayse of the Old Asse, London: Imprinted by Iohn Wolfe, OCLC 165778203 ↗; republished as John Payne Collier, editor, Pierces Supererogation: Or A New Prayse of the Old Asse. A Preparative to Certaine Larger Discourses, Intituled Nashes S. Fame (Miscellaneous Tracts. Temp. Eliz. & Jac. I; no. 8), [London: [s.n.], 1870], OCLC 23963073 ↗, page 181 ↗:
      She […] hath ſtiled him with an immortall penne, the bawewawe of ſchollars, the tutt of gentlemen, the tee-heegh of gentlewomen, the phy of citizens, the blurt of Courtiers, the poogh of good letters, the faph of good manners, and the whoop-hooe of good boyes in London ſtreetes.
    • 1818, Lord Byron, Beppo, canto vii, l. 4:
      A thing which causes many ‘poohs’ and ‘pishes’.
  2. (uncountable, childish) Alternative form of poo#English|poo: feces.
  3. (countable, chiefly UK, childish) Alternative form of poo#English|poo: A piece of feces; an act of defecation.

pooh (poohs, present participle poohing; past and past participle poohed)

  1. (intransitive) To say "pooh".
    • 1614, John Taylor, The Nipping or Snipping of Abuses, L4:
      The wrimouth'd Crittick...
      That mewes, and puh's and shakes his brainelesse head...
    • 1798, Charlotte Smith, The Young Philosopher, Vol. I, page 44:
      The Doctor... pshaw'd and pooh'd for some time.
  2. (transitive) To say "pooh" to.
  3. (intransitive, childish) Alternative form of poo#English|poo: To defecate or dirty something with feces.
    • 1989 April 1, Crisis, page 19:
      My cat poohed in here.
    • 2003 March 13, The Sun:
      We all know what happened to them—they... poohed their pants.
  • (America) IPA: /puː/
Proper noun
  1. Short for Winnie the Pooh.
  • Portuguese: Puff, Pooh
  • Russian: Пух
  • Spanish: Pooh

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