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pot (plural pots)

  1. A flat-bottomed vessel (usually metal) used for cooking food.
    Synonyms: cookpot, cooking pot
  2. Various similar open-topped vessels, particularly
    1. A vessel (usually earthenware) used with a seal for storing food, such as a honeypot.
    2. A vessel used for brewing or serving drinks: a coffee or teapot.
    3. A vessel used to hold soil for growing plants, particularly flowers: a flowerpot.
    4. (archaic except in fixed expressions) A vessel used for urination and defecation: a chamber pot; (figuratively, slang) a toilet; the lavatory.
      Synonyms: can, chamber pot, potty, shitpot, Thesaurus:chamber pot
      Shit or get off the pot.
      • 2011, Ben Zeller, Secrets of Beaver Creek, p. 204:
        “Clinton,” Gail cried from outside, “are you going to sit on the pot all day?”
    5. A crucible: a melting pot.
    6. A pot-shaped trap used for catching lobsters or other seafood: a lobster pot.
      Synonyms: lobster pot, lobster trap
    7. A pot-shaped metal or earthenware extension of a flue above the top of a chimney: a chimney pot.
    8. A perforated cask for draining sugar.
    9. (obsolete) An earthen or pewter cup or mug used for drinking liquor.
    10. (Australia, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania) A glass of beer in Australia whose size varies regionally but is typically around 10 fl oz (285 mL).
      Synonyms: middy, schooner
      • 2009, Deborah Penrith & al., Live & Work in Australia, p. 187 ↗:
        There are plenty of pubs and bars all over Australia (serving beer in schooners – 425ml or middies/pots ~285ml), and if you don′t fancy those you can drink in wine bars, pleasant beer gardens, or with friends at home.
  3. (archaic except in place names) Pothole, sinkhole, vertical cave e.g. Rowten Pot ↗
  4. (slang) Ruin or deterioration.
    After his arrest, his prospects went to pot.
  5. (historical) An iron hat with a broad brim worn as a helmet.
  6. (rail transport) A pot-shaped non-conducting (usually ceramic) stand that supports an electrified rail while insulating it from the ground.
  7. (gambling, poker) The money available to be won in a hand of poker or a round of other games of chance; (figuratively) any sum of money being used as an enticement.
    Synonyms: kitty, pool
    No one's interested. You need to sweeten the pot.
  8. (UK, horse-racing, slang) A favorite: a heavily-backed horse.
  9. (billiards) The act of causing a ball to fall into a pocket in cue sports such as billiards.
    Synonyms: winning hazard
  10. (slang) Clipping of potbelly#English|potbelly: a pot-shaped belly, a paunch.
    • 1994, Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction ↗:
      Fabienne: I wish I had a pot.
      Butch: You were lookin' in the mirror and you wish you had some pot?
      Fabienne: A pot. A pot belly. Pot bellies are sexy.
      Butch: Well you should be happy, 'cause you do.
      Fabienne: Shut up, Fatso! I don't have a pot! I have a bit of a tummy, like Madonna when she did "Lucky Star". It's not the same thing.
  11. (slang) Clipping of potshot#English|potshot: a haphazard shot; an easy or cheap shot.
  12. (chiefly, East Midlands, Yorkshire) A plaster cast.
  13. (historical) Alternative form of pott#English|pott: a former size of paper, 12.5 × 15 inches.
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pot (pots, present participle potting; past potted, past participle potted)

  1. To put (something) into a pot.
    to pot a plant
  2. To preserve by bottling or canning.
    potted meat
  3. (cue sports) To cause a ball to fall into a pocket.
  4. (cue sports) To be capable of being potted.
    The black ball doesn't pot; the red is in the way.
  5. (transitive) To shoot with a firearm.
    • When hunted, it [the jaguar] takes refuge in trees, and this habit is well known to hunters, who pursue it with dogs and pot it when treed.
  6. (intransitive, dated) To take a pot shot, or haphazard shot, with a firearm.
  7. (transitive, colloquial) To secure; gain; win; bag.
  8. (British) To send someone to gaol, expeditiously.
  9. (obsolete, dialect, UK) To tipple; to drink.
    • It is less labour to plough than to pot it.
  10. (transitive) To drain (e.g. sugar of the molasses) in a perforated cask.
  11. (transitive, British) To seat a person, usually a young child, on a potty or toilet, typically during toilet teaching.
  12. (chiefly, East Midlands) To apply a plaster cast to a broken limb.
  • German: etwas in einen Topf werfen
Translations Noun

pot (uncountable)

  1. (slang, uncountable) Marijuana
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pot (plural pots)

  1. (slang, electronics) A simple electromechanical device used to control resistance or voltage (often to adjust sound volume) in an electronic device by rotating or sliding when manipulated by a human thumb, screwdriver, etc.

pot (plural pots)

  1. (RPG) Clipping of potion#English|potion.

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