• (British) IPA: /pəˈteɪ.təʊ/, [pʰə̥ˈtʰeɪtʰəʊ]
  • (GA) enPR: pə-tāʹtō, IPA: /pəˈteɪ.toʊ/, [pʰə̥ˈtʰeɪɾoʊ], [pʰə̥ˈtʰeɪɾə]

potato (plural potatoes)

  1. A plant tuber, Solanum tuberosum, eaten as a starchy vegetable, particularly in the Americas and Europe.
  2. (informal, UK) A conspicuous hole in a sock or stocking
  3. (humorous) A camera that takes poor-quality pictures.
  4. (slang, offensive) A mentally handicapped person.
  5. (humorous, slang, computing) An underpowered computer or other device, especially when small in size.
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