• (RP, GA) IPA: /pəˈtʃiːn/, /pəˈtiːn/
  • (Ireland) IPA: /pəˈt(ʃ)iːn/, /ˈpɒ.t(ʃ)iːn/


  1. (Ireland, countable, uncountable) Illegally produced Irish#Adjective|Irish whiskey; moonshine. [from early 19th c.]
    • 20th century, Stuart Howard-Jones (1904–1974), “Hibernia”, in Kingsley Amis, comp., The New Oxford Book of English Light Verse, New York, N.Y.: Oxford University Press, 1978, ISBN 978-0-19-211862-2, page 243 ↗:
      Last night he had put down too much Potheen / (A vulgar blend of Methyl and Benzene) / That, at some Wake, he might the better keen. / (Keen—meaning ‘brisk’? Nay, here the Language warps: / ’Tis singing bawdy Ballads to a Corpse.)
  2. (Ireland, countable, by extension) An unlicensed#Adjective|unlicensed drinking#Noun|drinking establishment sell#Verb|selling illegally produced Irish whiskey.
  • French: poteen, potcheen, poitín
  • German: Poteen, Potcheen
  • Russian: потин
  • Spanish: poitín

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