• IPA: /pəˈtɛnʃəl/


  1. Currently unrealized ability (with the most common adposition being to)
    Even from a young age it was clear that she had the potential to become a great musician.
  2. (physics) The gravitational potential: the radial (irrotational, static) component of a gravitational field, also known as the Newtonian potential or the gravitoelectric field.
  3. (physics) The work (energy) required to move a reference particle from a reference location to a specified location in the presence of a force field, for example to bring a unit positive electric charge from an infinite distance to a specified point against an electric field.
  4. (grammar) A verbal construction or form stating something is possible or probable.
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potential (not comparable)

  1. Existing in possibility, not in actuality.
    Synonyms: noumenal, spiritual, virtual
    Antonyms: actual, phenomenal, real
  2. (archaic) Being potent; endowed with energy adequate to a result
    Synonyms: efficacious, influential
  3. (physics) A potential field is an irrotational (static) field.
  4. (physics) A potential flow is an irrotational flow.
  5. (grammar) Referring to a verbal construction of form stating something is possible or probable.

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