• IPA: /pɹiːfɪɡjɚ/

prefigure (prefigures, present participle prefiguring; past and past participle prefigured)

  1. To show or suggest ahead of time; to represent beforehand (often used in a Biblical context).
  2. To predict or foresee.
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prefigure (plural prefigures)

  1. That which prefigures or appears to predict; a harbinger.
    • 2005, Leerom Medovoi, Rebels: Youth and the Cold War Origins of Identity (page 293)
      Quite different is the way in which the tomboy girled the rebel narrative. In recent years, queer theorists have taken a deep interest in the tomboy as a prefigure for the butch dyke.
    • 2012, C. S. Shapley, Studies in French Poetry of the Fifteenth Century (page 5)
      In his influential commentary (the Moralia) Gregory the Great interpreted the protagonist typologically as a prefigure of Christ and of the Church persecuted.

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