• IPA: /ˈpɹɛɡnənt/


  1. (mostly, not comparable) Carrying developing offspring within the body.
    I went to the doctor and, guess what, I'm pregnant!
    1. (of a couple) Expecting a baby together.
      We are pregnant.
  2. (comparable) Having numerous possibilities or implications; full of promise; abounding in ability, resources, etc.
    a pregnant pause
    • wherein the pregnant enemy does much
  3. (now, poetic) Fertile, prolific (usually of soil, ground etc.).
    • 1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene,
      The sunne-beames bright vpon her body playd, / Being through former bathing mollifide, / And pierst into her wombe, where they embayd / With so sweet sence and secret power vnspide, / That in her pregnant flesh they shortly fructifide.
  4. (obsolete) Affording entrance; receptive; yielding; willing; open; prompt.
    • pregnant to good pity
  5. (obsolete) Ready-witted; clever; ingenious.
  6. (obsolete) Clear; evident.
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pregnant (plural pregnants)

  1. A pregnant person.

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