• IPA: /pɹəˈdʌkʃən/


  1. The act of producing, making or creating something. [from 15th c.]
    The widget making machine is being used for production now.
  2. The act of bringing something forward, out etc. for use or consideration. [from 15th c.]
    • 1910, Saki, "The Lost Sanjak", Reginald in Russia:
      I tramped to a neighbouring market-town, and, late as the hour was, the production of a few shillings procured me supper and a night's lodging in a cheap coffee-house.
  3. The act of being produced.
    The widgets are coming out of production now.
  4. The total amount produced.
    They hope to increase spaghetti production next year.
    • 1658, Thomas Browne, “The Garden of Cyrus. […]. Chapter III.”, in Hydriotaphia, Urne-buriall, […] Together with The Garden of Cyrus, […], London: Printed for Hen[ry] Brome […], OCLC 48702491 ↗; reprinted as Hydriotaphia (The English Replicas), New York, N.Y.: Payson & Clarke Ltd., 1927, OCLC 78413388 ↗, page 136 ↗:
      The exiguity and ſmallneſſe of ſome ſeeds extending to large productions is one of the magnalities of nature, ſomewhat illuſtrating the work of the Creation, and vaſt production from nothing.
  5. The presentation of a theatrical work.
    We went to a production of Hamlet.
  6. An occasion or activity made more complicated than necessary.
    He made a simple meal into a huge production.
  7. That which is manufactured or is ready for manufacturing in volume (as opposed to a prototype or conceptual model).
    This is the final production model.
  8. The act of lengthening out or prolonging.
  9. (zoology) An extension or protrusion.
  10. (computing) A rewrite rule specifying a symbol substitution that can be recursively performed to generate new symbol sequences. (More information on Wikipedia.)
    Each production is implemented with a function.
  11. (programming, uncountable) The environment where finished code runs, as opposed to staging or development.
  12. (Scotland, legal, in the plural) Written documents produced in support of the action or defence.
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  • Russian: проду́кция

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