• (America) IPA: /pɹɑm/
  • (British) IPA: /pɹɒm/

prom (plural proms)

  1. (British) a promenade concert
  2. (British, abbreviation) promenade
  3. (US) a formal ball held at a high school or college on special occasions, e.g. near the end of the academic year
  • French: bal de promo, bal des finissants (Canadian French), bal du printemps (Swiss French)
  • German: Ball, Abschlussball, Prom, Promenade
  • Italian: ballo di fine anno
  • Portuguese: baile de formatura
  • Russian: (студенческий) бал


prom (plural proms)

  1. (electronics) programmable read-only memory: A PROM chip can be programmed one or more times (depending on the type) and generally cannot be re-programmed without special equipment. Once programmed and installed in a device, it functions as a read-only chip (as if it had been hard-wired to function that way.)
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  1. Surname

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