1. (mathematics) At a constant ratio (to). Two magnitudes (numbers) are said to be proportional if the second varies in a direct relation arithmetically to the first. Symbol: ∝.
  2. (mostly, US) In proportion (to), proportionate.
  3. Of a typeface, having characters with natural (non-uniform) width (in contrast to monospace typefaces).
Translations Translations
  • Russian: пропорциона́льный
  • Spanish: proporcional

proportional (plural proportionals)

  1. (math, geometry, archaic) A proportion.
    • 1828, William Thomas Brande, Tables in Illustration of the Theory of Definite Proportionals (page xiii)
      It is almost superfluous to remark that the numbers attached to the elements of compounds are those of the proportionals in which they combine […]

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