• (America) enPR: präp'ə-zĭshʹən IPA: /ˌpɹɑpəˈzɪʃən/


  1. (uncountable) The act of offering (an idea) for consideration.
  2. (countable) An idea or a plan offered.
  3. (countable, business settings) The terms of a transaction offered.
  4. (countable, US, politics) In some states, a proposed statute or constitutional amendment to be voted on by the electorate.
  5. (grammar) A complete sentence.
    • , The Popular Educator: a Complete Encyclopaedia of Elementary, Advanced, and Technical Education. New and Revised Edition. Volume I., p.98:
      Our English nouns remain unchanged, whether they form the subject or the object of a proposition.
  6. (countable, logic) The content of an assertion that may be taken as being true or false and is considered abstractly without reference to the linguistic sentence that constitutes the assertion; (Aristotelian logic) a predicate of a subject that is denied or affirmed and connected by a copula.
    “'Wiktionary is a good dictionary' is a proposition” is a proposition.
  7. (countable, mathematics) An assertion so formulated that it can be considered true or false.
  8. (countable, mathematics) An assertion which is provably true, but not important enough to be called a theorem.
  9. A statement of religious doctrine; an article of faith; creed.
    the propositions of Wyclif and Huss
    • Some persons […] change their propositions according as their temporal necessities or advantages do turn.
  10. (poetry) The part of a poem in which the author states the subject or matter of it.
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  • Italian: proposizione logica
  • Russian: утвержде́ние

proposition (propositions, present participle propositioning; past and past participle propositioned)

  1. (transitive, informal) To make a suggestion of sexual intercourse to (someone with whom one is not sexually involved).
  2. (transitive, informal) To make an offer or suggestion to (someone).
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