• (America) IPA: /pɹəˈpɹɑɪətɛɹi/


  1. Of or relating to property or ownership.
    proprietary rights
  2. Owning something; having ownership.
    the proprietary class
  3. Created or manufactured exclusively by the owner of intellectual property rights, as with a patent or trade secret.
    The continuous profitability of the company is based on its many proprietary products.
  4. Nonstandard and controlled by one particular organization.
    a proprietary extension to the HTML standard for Web page structure
  5. Privately owned.
    a proprietary lake; a proprietary chapel
  6. (of a, person) Possessive, jealous, or territorial.
  • German: Eigentums-, Eigentümer-
  • Portuguese: proprietário
  • Russian: со́бственнический
  • Spanish: de propiedad
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proprietary (plural proprietaries)

  1. A proprietor or owner.
  2. A body of proprietors, taken collectively.
  3. The rights of a proprietor.
  4. A monk who had reserved goods and belongings to himself, notwithstanding his renunciation of all at the time of profession.

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