• (British) IPA: /ˈpɹɒ.və.nəns/, /ˈpɹɒ.və.ˌnɒns/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈpɹɑ.və.nəns/


  1. Place or source of origin.
    Many supermarkets display the provenance of their food products.
  2. (archaeology) The place and time of origin of some artifact or other object. See Usage note below.
    This spear is of Viking provenance.
  3. (arts) The history of ownership of a work of art
    The picture is of royal provenance.
  4. (computing) The copy history of a piece of data, or the intermediate pieces of data utilized to compute a final data element, as in a database record or web site (data provenance)
  5. (computing) The execution history of computer processes which were utilized to compute a final piece of data (process provenance)
  6. (of a person) Background; history; place of origin
    Synonyms: ancestry
Related terms
  • provenantial
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  • Russian: происхожде́ние
  • Spanish: procedencia, proveniencia
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provenance (provenances, present participle provenancing; past and past participle provenanced)

  1. To establish the provenance of something

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