• IPA: /ˈsaɪkɪk/

psychic (plural psychics)

  1. A person who possesses, or appears to possess, extra-sensory abilities such as precognition, clairvoyance and telepathy, or who appears to be susceptible to paranormal or supernatural influence.
  2. A person who supposedly contacts the dead; a medium.
  3. (gnosticism) In gnostic theologian Valentinus' triadic grouping of man the second type; a person focused on intellectual reality (the other two being hylic and pneumatic).
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  1. Relating to or having the abilities of a psychic.
    You must be psychic—I was just about to say that.
    She is a psychic person—she hears messages from beyond.
  2. Relating to the psyche or mind, or to mental activity in general.
  • Portuguese: parapsíquico, psíquico
  • Russian: психи́ческий
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