• IPA: /ˈpʊl.pɪt/, /ˈpʌl.pɪt/

pulpit (plural pulpits)

  1. A raised platform in a church, usually enclosed, where the minister or preacher stands when giving the sermon.
  2. Activity performed from a church pulpit, in other words, preaching, sermons, religious teaching, the preaching profession, preachers collectively or an individual preaching position; by extension: bully pulpit.
  3. A raised desk, lectern, or platform for an orator or public speaker.
  4. (nautical) The railing at the bow of a boat, which sometimes extends past the deck. It is sometimes referred to as bow pulpit. The railing at the stern of the boat is sometimes referred to as a stern pulpit; other texts use the term pushpit.
  5. A bow platform for harpooning.
  6. (UK military slang, dated) A plane's cockpit.
    • 1941 March 24, Life, p. 85:
      In the slang of the Royal Air Force man, the cockpit of his plane is the ‘pulpit’ or ‘office’, the glass covering over it the ‘greenhouse’.
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