Pronunciation Noun


  1. A form of cement, made from linseed oil and whiting, used to fix panes of glass.
  2. Any of a range of similar substances.
    1. An oxide of tin, or of lead and tin, used in polishing glass, etc.
    2. A fine cement of lime only, used by plasterers.
  3. (golf, colloquial) A golf ball made of composition and not gutta-percha.
  • French: mastic
  • German: Kitt, Fensterkitt
  • Italian: stucco
  • Portuguese: massa, massa de vidraceiro
  • Russian: зама́зка
  • Spanish: masilla

putty (not comparable)

  1. Of, pertaining to, or resembling putty.

putty (putties, present participle puttying; past and past participle puttied)

  1. (transitive) To fix or fill using putty.
Translations Adjective

putty (comparative puttier, superlative puttiest)

  1. (eye dialect) pretty; purdy

putty (plural putties)

  1. Alternative form of puttee#English|puttee

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