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puzzle (plural puzzles)

  1. Anything that is difficult to understand or make sense of.
    Where he went after he left the house is a puzzle.
  2. A game for one or more people that is more or less difficult to work out or complete.
  3. A crossword puzzle.
  4. A jigsaw puzzle.
  5. A riddle.
  6. (archaic) Something made with marvellous skill; something of ingenious construction.
  7. The state of being puzzled; perplexity.
    to be in a puzzle
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puzzle (puzzles, present participle puzzling; past and past participle puzzled)

  1. (transitive) To perplex (someone).
    • A very shrewd disputant in those points is dexterous in puzzling others, if they be not thoroughpaced speculators in those great theories.
    • He is perpetually puzzled and perplexed amidst his own blunders.
  2. (intransitive) To think long and carefully, in bewilderment.
    We puzzled over the curious-shaped lock, but were unable to discover how the key should be inserted.
  3. (transitive) To make intricate; to entangle.
    • 1713, Joseph Addison, Cato, published 1712, [Act 1, scene 1]:
      The ways of Heav'n are dark and intricate, / Puzzled in mazes, and perplex'd with error.
    • They disentangle from the puzzled skein.
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