• IPA: /ˈɹeɪdi.ənt/


  1. Radiating light and/or heat.
    the radiant sun
  2. Emitted as radiation.
  3. Beaming with vivacity and happiness.
    a radiant face
    • 1907, Robert William Chambers, chapter I, in The Younger Set, New York, N.Y.: D. Appleton & Company, OCLC 24962326 ↗:
      His sister, Mrs. Gerard, stood there in carriage gown and sables, radiant with surprise. ¶ “Phil !  You !  Exactly like you, Philip, to come strolling in from the antipodes—dear fellow !” recovering from the fraternal embrace and holding both lapels of his coat in her gloved hands.
  4. Emitting or proceeding as if from a center.
  5. (heraldry) Giving off rays; said of a bearing.
    the sun radiant;  a crown radiant
  6. (botany) Having a ray-like appearance, like the large marginal flowers of certain umbelliferous plants; said also of the cluster which has such marginal flowers.
  • Italian: radiante
  • Russian: светиться
  • Spanish: radiante
  • Russian: лучи́стый
  • Portuguese: radiante
  • Russian: я́ркий
  • Spanish: radiante

radiant (plural radiants)

  1. A point source from which radiation is emitted.
  2. (astronomy) The apparent origin, in the night sky, of a meteor shower.
  3. (geometry) A straight line proceeding from a given point, or fixed pole, about which it is conceived to revolve.
  • Russian: излуча́тель
  • Russian: радиа́нт
  • Spanish: punto radiante

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