• IPA: /ɹæpˈskæljən/

rapscallion (plural rapscallions)

  1. A rascal, scamp, rogue, or scoundrel.
    • 1901, Joseph Conrad and Ford Madox Ford, The Inheritors, ch. 3:
      She was the sister who had remained within the pale; I, the rapscallion of a brother whose vagaries were trying to his relations.
Synonyms Adjective


  1. Disreputable, roguish.
    • 1869 May, Anthony Trollope, “Miss Stanbury’s Generosity”, in He Knew He Was Right, volume I, London: Strahan and Company, publishers, […], OCLC 1118026626 ↗, page 93 ↗:
      [H]e is dressed in such a rapscallion manner that the people would think you were talking to a house-breaker.
    • 1895, Charlotte M. Yonge, chapter 23, The Carbonels:
      "I baint a-going to give my master's property to a lot of rapscallion thieves and robbers like you."

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